The Coalition

The Ordinance

We are a coalition of community, public health, faith, women's advocates, and labor organizations are leading the charge in support of a sick time policy for workers in the City of Chicago. 

Did you know?

Workers in Chicago should not have to choose between their health and their job. Learn more about the ordinance for earned sick time in Chicago and how to contact your alderman.

Over 460,000 Chicago workers have no right to a single paid sick day.

Jobs can be compromised for missing work to care for their sick child or elderly parent.

Workers who come to work sick are less productive and infect other workers, customers, and the public. 

‚ÄčEarned Sick Time is already required in the following cities: New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Portland, Jersey City and the State of Connecticut.  

It's time for Chicago!